in praise of the entrepreneurial spirit

At Unipreneurs, we value innovation and enterprise above all else and we salute those who demonstrate that entrepreneurial spirit. Whether they play on the global stage or in local communities, with big projects or small. The businesses they establish create wealth and employment, improve productivity and social cohesion and increase choice and convenience.

They move the world forward.

They advance mankind.

in belief of the entrepreneurial spirit

Unipreneurs believes that no other vocation is more worthy of support, nor in more need of it. Because no other vocation is as complex, or more demanding; no other requires the breadth of skills, the diversity of talent, the cross functional co-ordination, the constant “test-amend-and-retest” mindset that establishing a successful business demands.

the future of the entrepreneurial spirit

As humanity faces a new age of rapid and exponential developments in automation technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, aligned to the demographic dynamics in the developed and developing worlds, no other vocation is more destined to take centre stage in the coming decade than the pursuit of entrepreneurship and founding a scalable start-up business. Unipreneurs UK lives to serve this end, to ensure the next generation of entrepreneurs are equipped and ready to thrive in this new world.

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